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Chinese Music Icons

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Created & Maintained by sui

Welcome to cpop_icons! This is an icon community for Chinese music. The username is slightly misleading, because you can post any icons related to Chinese music artists/bands, but cpop_icons sounds better than "cmusic_icons", in my opinion. Anyway.

1. This is a community for posting icons of Chinese music artists, bands, etc.
2. Please use an LJ cut when posting more than three icons (< lj-cut text="your text here" >, without the spaces after and before the brackets). Fake cuts are okay, as long as it leads to a public post, and there are at least three Chinese icons included.
3. Please follow the rules of commenting/crediting as the poster requests.
4. Posts only consisting of requests are generally not allowed unless an icon maker is offering to take them.
5. Community whoring is not allowed unless you also include icons within the post. Generally, you may only post if your post includes icons.
6. No flaming, abuse, etc., is tolerated. Be polite.